Thursday, March 24, 2022




The Standard I Set for MYSELF!

Clean house.
Laundry basket empty. 
Clothes washed and ironed.
Dishes washed and dried.
Food cooked and warm.
Cleanliness IS Next to Godliness

Kids bathed and dressed.
Kids fed well.
In all aspects - 
And Intellectually. 
Motherhood at ITS Best!

Money in the account.
Charity for others.
Time well spent.
Hours given without return.
An ear rendered for peace and calm.
Charity Begins AT Home.

Sleek look.
Healthy at heart and soul.
Exercise to the core.
Make the wings glow.
Move with and against the blow.
Honesty IS the Best Policy.

IS The Standard I Set for MYSELF!
Nobody told me what to do.
Above is the standard, I set for me and you.
You don't like it, 
It's not my fault.
Standards my friend,
Are each to their own.

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